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Junee is a slow waltz that oscillates between pop, experimental and when the time is right, transforms into a stormy ocean that seizes the body. Grating siren songs lead our wounded souls to dark but heavenly corners. The theremin embraces the violin envelops, as sound crashes like waves on synthesized ribbons_



ROSHÂNI brings together two personalities with harmoniously eclectic musical
inspirations that are both danceable and profound.
An explosive fusion of styles, ROSHÂNI sets a danceable tempo to the sounds of
Roxane’s raspy vocals in Spanish, French and Farsi, and Inès’s synthesizers and
deep bass_



Emerging from Geneva’s underground scene, Ethyos440 is the meeting of groove band L’Eclair and DJ/producer Dj Laxxiste A. This ultimate late-night-infected-dub- live band pairs sequencers and human grooves, analog instruments are played live on riddims, fx’s, and samples manually executed with a dub-mix approach towards the extreme_



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Bobbyy is a producer, drummer, and DJ based in Los Angeles. Known for his work with Seattle bands sunking and High Pulp, 2024 sees Bobbyy stepping out as a solo artist, working with the likes of Pink Siifu, Hi Tech, Blvck Svm, and more. Bobbyy’s debut album ‘Buckets’ is an homage to his deep love and understanding of music history, incorporating elements of Chicago House a la Larry Heard, alongside raw, sample-based production reminiscent of Madlib or Daedelus, all the while basking in 808’s. In the wild, Bobbyy can be found spinning boogie records on a sunny afternoon or DJing breaks and footwerk at your favorite
night club_




What is Perilymph? To keep it quite general, it’s this fluid stuff in the ears that helps transmit various waves (a «propagating dynamic disturbance of one or more quantities») present in one’s surroundings to the old braino, who transforms them into what we can refer to as sound, and, potentially, with the help of our perception of time, interpret as music. Perilymph has been doing exactly this for quite a while now_

Geographically speaking, they’re based in Berlin (De), where they work fer- vently to realise meticulous and complex arrangements as effortless fod- der to slap your basal ganglia around, which works pretty good both live and on record_


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Forged by Geneva's alternative culture, L'Osmose fearlessly blends 70s psychedelia with a hint of futuristi groove since 2020_
Mixing autotune, vocoder, percussion, electric guitars, and analog synthesizers, the sextet has already grace stages across Switzerland and beyond_

Discovered by L'Éclair in 2022, the band continued their ascent by recording a promising debut album with
their support, subsequently signed to the Swiss label Stone Pixels Records_ 
In the meantime, immerse yourself in the raw, sincere, and enchanting energy of their live performances_



The Genevan singer-songwriter's penchant for putting his problems and foibles on display in his lyrics and commenting on them with a certain sense of humor is well known; we can now affirm that he has become an expert in this exercise. "Fringale", his first solo effort released in 2022 on the Franco-Helvetic label Le Pop Club Records, dissected a neurotic daily life with precision and distance. Romano Bianchi returns with a more modern and personal work, no less cryptically titled "Le Don et la Disgrâce". Bolstered by potential hits such as Bonjour Madame and Noyau Dur, his latest album has gained in maturity and cynicism what it has lost in opacity_